Forgive my paraphrasing but tonight I witnessed what was truly a moment that could have been taken from a Nicholas Sparks book. 

I felt as if I was intruding on what should have been a truly intimate and tender exchange but considering it occurred in the middle of the pub we were at and the young man was obviously intoxicated, I can’t really beat myself up. 

Let me set the stage, so to speak…

It’s a small local pub. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason as to what is the best night to come because a Tuesday can be standing room only and a Friday, like tonight, it can be barren. In fact, there were only about 8 people in the entire place at 9:30 pm. 

It was dark, the music was obviously on a loop and Julie and I went to simply pacify a couple that we sometimes spend time with. 

Again…I obviously didn’t record the outburst but there are parts that stuck with me and made me want to go “ahhhh”

A man of about 35 and a woman of the same approximate age were sitting at a table with three others; two more men and a woman. They were joking, laughing, carrying on as you’d expect any group at a bar on a Friday night. Suddenly, the man I described, loudly addressed the woman:

“I’m tired of hearing this bullshit! You get on the dating websites and you look and look but it’s always 2 hours away, 6 hours away. You never look for anyone here! Well, let me tell you something! I love you! (At this point the two other men tried to quiet their friend but he waved them off) What? That doesn’t make me weak or pathetic! Yes, (insert name here) I said I love you! I don’t give a shit about your hair, job, car, house of any of that other crap! I don’t care that some days you are a pain in the ass! I don’t care that you are moody and irritable! I just love you! But the kicker is that you tell people you’re not attracted to me. That I’m too dominant of too needy or too whatever. The truth is that if you let me in. I mean really let me in and trusted me you might actually love me back. And if you loved me back then you might be happy. And if I stopped loving you or if something happened to me, that happy life would be taken away again and you wonder if you are unlovable or maybe if you are allowed to be happy. So you look for people who you can’t love. People so far away that you automatically have an excuse when things go to shit! You want the fun shit that goes along with a relationship like sex and companionship but the truth is that you don’t want real! So go chase whoever but that not going to make me stop loving you!”

When he finished, he grabbed his coat and left. Everyone in the bar just stared. Except me. Me being me I looked at the woman and said, “takes a lot of balls to admit something like that, even if it was induced by liquid courage.”

Julie nudged me and we paid our tab and left. 

What happened next surprised me almost as much as the mans admission. Julie stopped at the table and told the woman, “if even the smallest part of what he said is true, you may have just let the best thing that could ever happen to you walk away.”

It was definitely an interesting night. 


One thought on “Love

  1. That’s great of you and Julie to give her a nudge, just in case her admirer’s outburst left her in too much of a daze! I hope she gives him a chance and that things work out well for them.

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