A quick little laugh 

Last night as Julie and I were not celebrating New Years, a friend stopped by. 

There is a running joke amongst some of my straight friends that several of us will run off to Utah and I will marry them all. They call themselves my “sister wives”. Julie think it’s funny and has even started telling them, “as long as you all remember I get to be the FIRST wife” 

Well, J (the friend who came over) has become the latest in my group of sister wives. Which is up to 8 now. For the record, I can barely keep up with one wife. I make no pretenses that I could EVER manage more than one relationship at a time!

However; we were making the bed and joking about J’s new status as a sister wife. She asked, “what separates me from the others?”

I responded, jokingly, “would you be willing to fix my coffee in the morning without bitching about it?”

She replied, “absolutely!”

“Then it’s already better than my last relationship. Hell, we didn’t have sex the last year we were together anyways so there ya go!”

At which point Julie started giggling uncontrollably. I asked what was so funny and she said, “well, YOU didn’t have sex the last year you were together!”

Yes….my girl is a smart ass… 


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