Karma? Who knows. 

Funny how people feel it’s necessary to keep a person informed about their ex. 

I got an email the other night from a mutual friend. Truth be told, I’m pretty sure she isn’t really a “friend” but someone who feels the need to produce drama. 

Anyways, her information may or may not be accurate but whatever the case, it’s not really my concern. 

Her email to me was one to basically prove to me that Karma is alive and well and it has found time to deliver its bounty upon my ex. 

Well, let me just say this…. I wish her the best and hope that her luck, financial, career, and love turns around. 

I spent a year full of bitterness and anger at her because of her selfishness. It made me the type of person I would never again want to be. 

Today I am married to the love of my life. We both have careers that we love and are doing exceptionally well at. Julie is fighting her battle with breast cancer and I am standing, faithfully, by her side. We have homes in Illinois and Texas and love the freedom that we have since we reconnected. 

Do I see the irony in the way our situations are now reversed? Yes, but I feel pity for her more than anything. She has never been strong enough to stand up for herself and follow her heart and that will always leave life’s little victories out of reach for her. 

A friend asked me if I had known Julie would develop breast cancer and I might not have much time with her, would I have still chosen a life with her? 

After much thought I answered with a confident, “yes!”

See, I wake up each morning with the knowledge that I am loved, unconditionally. That feeling could never be measured on any scale known to man. It is worth the risk if I’m able to feel this type of love, even if it’s just for one more day. 

My ex will never know that feeling until she learns to give herself completely, to another. So money issues, career issues? They are really just issues. Trusting your own heart? That’s what living is all about! 

***to be completely honest..I still can’t stand her. But, that doesn’t mean I wish her ill. 


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