I don’t have time for this! 

I have successfully climbed to the upper ranks at my firm. This affords me the opportunity to work from home, I receive a grocery and housing allowance, a company car, a company credit card and all the responsibility that goes along with that. 

Now, anyone who has ever had a company credit card knows that it’s not just a free for all. My charges have to be related to work in some sort and no alcohol can be charged. 

Cool. I can do that. 

Also, I have to submit the actual receipts for each purchase. 

Cool. I can do that too. 

Well, typically I will tape several receipts to just one sheet of paper, scan and send to our accounting department. Up until now this has been fine. Encouraged, in fact. Until today. 

“Please scan and send each receipt individually. It is a bit tedious to go through the various receipts on one page.”

My response?


Since being an accounting intern is so tedious, from now on I will mail you my original receipts in the above documented format. Each individual and separate from the rest. Enjoy.”

Her response was a less demanding, “that’s ok. I’ll just go through them the way you’ve been submitting.”

On a less snarky note..yesterday Julie put up the tree, I put up the lights and we watched football. Life is good! 


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