And the there was C 

Yes. She is back. 

I have managed to avoid C for a while now. In fact, after Julie was diagnosed with her cancer in July, I pretty much cut off all communications with C. 

I didn’t want to be a complete ass, so rather than unfriend her on Facebook, I simply unfollowed and moved her to my acquaintance list so none of her posts show up in my news feed. 

I have been working in her sleepy little town in New Mexico, though and with her now being a Deputy, I do see her from time to time. We don’t speak and truthfully, I’ve been grateful for that 

Last time we did speak, she was on this kick where she felt the need to tell me all about her sexual exploits. Apparently, she now has an actual girlfriend and felt compelled to tell me about a recent fight they had. 

My response was less than polite. 

That last part where it says, “and for the record” was where I was explaining that I’m not sleeping with anyone besides Julie. I was so flustered and frustrated I just started to spew. 

I haven’t heard back from her and if I’m lucky I won’t. 

Sad how I’ve gone from thinking of her as a dear friend to being repulsed to even associate with her. 


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