You can look at the menu, just eat at home 

Amyone who knows me knows that I am faithful. Almost to a fault (if that can apply in this situation) 

So, cheating on Julie is one thing that has never been a concern. At least for me. However…if you recall, the original reason we broke up 20+ years ago was because back then, I didn’t feel the same sense of loyalty that I do today, and I strayed. 

Like most, I can appreciate a beautiful woman. I enjoy talking to someone who is intelligent and witty and I have to admit that when someone flirts with me its strokes my ego. 

One such thing happened tonight. Actually, it was more than just casual flirting on the other persons part. 

Let me back up a little. 

I have a lot of straight female friends that I flirt with on Facebook. We joke about moving to Utah so I can legally marry all of them, with Julie being my “first wife” (which apparently is a huge deal in the world of polygamy.)

We talk about how I’ll have to purchase an entire block so all my wives can have their own home for me to come visit them in. 

Julie laughs and thinks it’s all in good fun because it is. These women are mostly straight, mostly married and women I’ve known since childhood. 

Every once in a while I’ll get a message on Facebook from someone telling me that they have had a crush on me for years and never had the nerve to speak up. My typical response is simply, “that’s sweet and I’m flattered.” Even these comments don’t bother Julie. I joke about it and tell her each time one pops up on my messenger. 

Tonight, however, one rubbed her the wrong way. 

An old mutual friend of ours (I went to school with her and played basketball and volleyball with her, and Julie played softball and soccer with her) sent me a message on Facebook that threw both of us for a loop. 

“This is your drunk text for the night. I’d never have the nerve to tell you this in person but I think you are amazing. I love you more than you could ever know.”

I didn’t hide it from Julie or deny that the two of us do chat from time to time on messenger. It is always harmless and she is married so I never imagined that this would be a message I’d get from her. 

I could see the look on Julie’s face and it wasn’t a good one. 

“I don’t think I’m ok with this. I’m used to women flirting with you but this somehow feels a little wrong.”

Julie isn’t the jealous type. She knows I’m madly in love with her but this did strike a nerve. 

I didn’t respond to the message because I don’t know how. 

L has been a friend to both of us for over 30 years so I really don’t know how to feel or react to this. 

I’m not sure if Julie’s reaction is because this is a “real” person that she knows and not just one of my random, anonymous Facebook friends that she’s never met, or maybe it was the use of the word “love”. 

Either way, I have found myself in a sticky situation and I’m not sure how to proceed. 


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