I’m still a girl…sorta

Julie calls me her “girl”. 

Any other woman I would have firmly put my foot down and said, “don’t say that!” but with her I’ve learned it’s her way of telling me that she gets me. 

Today I was in a pissy mood. I’ve taken the rest of this week off just to spend with her and to be here for her during her surgery. 

Instead of enjoying a peaceful few days of laziness and relaxation I’ve had to deal with phone calls and emails about work. 

Today kicked my ass. In fact, I don’t have the words to describe today but I do have a few obscene hand gestures that would come close. 

At one point I found myself being pissy with her. 

“Do you really need to be so condescending when you talk to me?”

I then get that look. You know. THAT look. 

At which point I just said, “hey…I’m entitled every once in a while.”

That’s when she said it….

“There’s my girl!”


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