Julie’s surgery is scheduled for Friday morning. After a few setbacks where she had flu like symptoms, an unexplained fever and a minor glitch with her insurance and we are set. 

If all goes according to plan, she will be in and out in just a few hours. 

I’ll be a nervous wreck. I almost envy the fact that she will be sedated and oblivious to the process while it’s taking place. Me? I’ll be pacing and drinking large amounts of coffee while she is there. 

These past few months have been crazy but I have had the chance to spend more time with her than usual. 

We flew back from Austin last night and woke up to a beautiful 71 degree morning. 

While we were in Texas, we talked about taking a proper vacation. 

After her surgery she will be on medical leave for 8 weeks and I have about 3 weeks of vacation saved that I need to think about using. 

After the notion of going to Ireland was dismissed then a suggestion of Portland, we settled on New Orleans. 

Not the Big Easy version you see in the movies or the loud drunkiness that comes to mind with trips to the French Quarter but a family vacation. 

We talked to Huey and we are going to meet her, the beau and my little man in NOLA!

Visits to the zoo, the aquarium and random stops here and there. 

I’m sure we will find time to sneak away and enjoy a little of the nightlife that the town has to offer but we wanted to spend some quality time as a family! 

I love that Julie doesn’t just talk about trips but actually puts the ideas into motion. 

My ex was more of a “let’s do this” type but they seldom ever happened. 

We have talked about going to Cuba with Jessi around New Years and a trip to Boston is planned for the spring. 

Right now, planning for the future as if this giant weight wasn’t on our shoulders makes life a little less stressful. 

It’s our coping mechanism and I’m happy to explore this world with the woman I love! 

We do want to travel more. I mean leave the good ole US of A. 

Trips to Ireland, Germany, Cuba, and China are already on our list. 

Any suggestions from my friends across the way or those of you have have had the opportunity to see some amazing places? We are adding to our list, even as I type! 


One thought on “Vacation….sorta

  1. My friend, It must be difficult for you and your wife right now as Friday approaches fast. I will keep you both in my meditations and prayer. You are both very blessed to have each other. I look forward to hearing about your travels if you decide to post on WordPress or take pictures. Be well…remember support for yourself as you go through this healing process is okay.

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