Austin! Oh how I love thee! 

We are in Austin, Baby!!

Yes, I love this town. The energy, the youth, the culture, the beer, the music! 

I moved here when I was a young, single mom trying to give my girls a life in a town of diversity and acceptance. It worked. 

Both Huey and Louie are two of the most accepting people alive. They have people they don’t like but it’s for personal reasons. Not because of their race, religion or orientation. They appreciate different cultures and freely admit their favorite foods aren’t Your typical American fare. 

Julie flew in this morning and I got in this afternoon. We are staying at a hotel on the north side of town that my company has provided….for both of us! Yes, my boss hand picked this place. It is basically a mini apartment so if Julie doesn’t feel like going anywhere while I’m locked in my meetings, she has the option of ordering groceries and making herself at home. 

We are also about two miles from the oncology center so if something happens, she’s covered. (I explained to him that there was no need for that but he said he wanted to be safe) 

This evening we drove to Thundercloud subs. A locally owned chain that has decent sandwiches but awesome atmosphere. 

We sat outside enjoying the breeze and watching the locals walking up and down Guadelupe. 

Afterwards we drove up north of town to see my house. The one that I technically still own but that is currently being leased by a couple employed at Dell Computers. 

Julie is still in awe of it every time we drive by. It’s a gigantic two story, 4 bedroom, 2800 sq/ft limestone building in a cul de sac. 

“How about we move here if you win these contracts?”

I almost wet myself. 

“Honey, we are in the process of building our house in Illinois. What should we do with that?”

Her idea? 

Sell the house in Round Rock (the suburb of North Austin) use the equity to buy a smaller house downtown or in Hyde Park and split our time. 

“We could be snow birds!”

Truth be told, I kinda like that idea. 

I love my wife and would never ask her to leave her family. I love my kids and Austin would definitely be closer to them. Win win? 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 


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