We are at the arguing stage 

Julie and I seem to be slicing right through the various stages of her cancer with lightening speed. 

Right now? Arguing. Not about the cancer, but anything and everything she can think of. 

Me? Well, I try not to argue back but there are those moments when I realize a little smart ass comment is necessary to relieve the tension. 

Julie: “You get so frustrated that I won’t communicate with you. Communication is my strongest quality. You’re just not paying attention!”

Me: “Baby, whoever told you communication is your strongest quality deserves to have their ass whooped! Nobody lies to my girl like that!”

Next up….

Louie: “How’s Julie doing?”

Me: “I don’t know. She’s not speaking to me right now”

Louie: “what did you do?”

Me: “I do love how you automatically assume it was my fault! But, for the record, I called her on her shit”

Louie: “Yeah….you can do that. Women really can’t stand that shit”

Julie: “Louie is now my favorite kid!”


4 thoughts on “We are at the arguing stage 

    • She is coping the only way she knows how. It’s easy to lash out at me because I won’t give up on her and being angry at the cancer doesn’t do any good. I’ve got broad shoulders so I will wrap my arms around her when that’s what she needs and just smile and kiss her forehead when she’s angry at the world for this happening.
      Thank you for your support through this.

      • You both are a blessing to each other…you both are courageous. The insight you have and the respect and love you are giving her is very honorable and truly loving.

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