I broke down 

Well, I’ve been having a deep, dull pain in my lower right back/hip area for the last several days. 

At first I just dismissed it as a typical work related injury. I’m always bumping, scraping, cutting something. One of the most common phrases in our house is, “where’d you get that bruise?” So living with a certain amount of pain and discomfort has become the norm for me. 

Well, after trying Advil, Tylenol, soaking in the hottub and stretching like crazy didn’t help, I finally broke down and went to the doctor this morning. 

Actually, I’m glad that I did. Julie noticed last night that I wasn’t sleeping in my usual position. Truth be told, it hurt way too much so instead of our usual “spoon” with me behind her on my left side, I was sprawled out on my belly. A position I haven’t slept in since I was a toddler. 

After a minimal wait, a few typical questions and a quick exam by the doctor, she ordered X Rays. Because of my range of motion and the fact that the pain couldn’t really be pin pointed, she wanted to see what was going on. 

Well…I have somehow managed to break my hip..

I know! How the hell does a person break their hip and not know it??

It’s only a hairline fracture but it is in such a place that I am overcompensating when I walk which is causing the nerve in my leg to stress. 

I’m off duty until next week and I’ve been instructed not to run or do any extensive walking without crutches. 

For me? This is torture. For Julie? She is overjoyed that I am home for at least a full 9 days! (Truthfully, I really like that too)

We are hoping to get the results from her latest mammogram back tomorrow and I want to be here when that call comes in so in a way I’m glad this happened when it did. 

So, here’s to a week of light duty and an attempt to enjoy every minute of it! 


2 thoughts on “I broke down 

  1. Good call you decided to have it checked out so the doctor could identify what’s causing the pain. The time off from work is such a great bonus! Have a good rest. Cheers.

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