Lately I’ve been consumed by Julie’s cancer and how this impacts our life, but today I’m a bit distracted. 

A friend of Julie’s told her about a week ago that she was seeing someone. That the two of them had decided to commit and see things through. 

Good for them, right?

Well, I can only assume that the friend wasn’t aware that I know the woman she was talking about. 

Today I was at the gun range and I bumped into this woman. We started chatting and I asked, “So how are things going with you a D?”

Apparently, she had NO clue what I was talking about. They aren’t dating, they’ve had a cup of coffee once, several months ago and exchanged a few texts and phone calls but nothing romantic ever developed. 

What on earth would make a 41 year old woman lie about something like that? 

I could see if she was trying to manipulate an ex or make a current love interest jealous but there was nothing to gain by this dishonesty. 

In fact, when I see her now, I look at her with distrust and caution. 

Any insight? 


5 thoughts on “Question 

  1. People lie for different reasons. Perhaps she has low self esteem, low self image, perhaps she wants someone to think she is complete by lying about being involved…who knows. I would definitely be on caution when dealing with her especially if the other person is definitely telling the truth. Somebody has found a reason to lie unfortunately.

  2. As a painfully (chronically – ha!) single 40 yr old, I definitely can see how she might think it’s easier to just lie and say she has a significant other than to hear the “wow, you’re STILL single?” response and subsequent conversation from someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. It does get old…however, it would be even worse to lie and have a situation like the one she created, or (worse yet) be asked to attend a couples event and be unable to produce the falsified significant other – YIKES!

    • That was my thing. We have get together a all the time with friends. How long would she be able to tell people that her mystery partner couldn’t attend before she figured out that no one believed her? I never understood these games.

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