Number 1

Tonight I experienced the first of what I can only assume are many ass chewings that will be directed at me. 

Julie had dinner with a mutual friend of ours. During their conversation, the friend made a very insensitive comment about Julie losing her hair and hopefully she has a “normal” shaped head. 

Yes…I got the brunt of that. Actually, what was directed at me was how I travel too much and I need to stop worrying so much about my Houston projects and how my boss needs to start respecting the fact that I only have 4 days at home and shouldn’t call on the weekends and damnit! Why do I leave my fucking socks on the floor!!

When she was done, she apologized. When it was happening I sat here, rubbing my head, silently taking it. 

I have thick skin but if this is just the beginning I am going to need to put on some armor. 


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