Julie’s surgery is scheduled for Mid August. She will have a lumpectomy that will remove approximately 3/4 of her breast tissue and will then undergo 7 to 8 weeks of radiation treatment. 

They are telling us that the surgery will be about 30 minutes and then another few hours in recovery but she should be able to go home that same day. 

She will have a drain tube and they will give her a physical therapy schedule for about two weeks to help keep her muscles in her arm from atrophying.

The recovery from the surgery will be the easy compared to the radiation. 

Crap. This is really happening. 


8 thoughts on “Surgery 

  1. I can not say I “like” on this post. Know that on WordPress, there are those of us who support you both and desire to listen and read as you both go through this ordeal.

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers wishing you both much grace, peace and healing during this time.

  2. My thoughts are with you. I hope you can find the strength to be there for Julie and to hear her worry and at the same time hold the faith that you will both pull through.

      • Everyone takes this stuff differently, Donna wants me to just listen, and not make suggestions or try to solve it, which goes against how I usually deal with things. It is hard to just listen.

  3. I wanted to say my heart is pained to read that Julie has cancer. It seems to me Life brought you back together not just to find your true love again in this world, but also because you are the one who has the strength and big heart to give her the support and protection she needs. My sister-in-law went through cancer till her passing last year and my brother was suffering so much too in being strong for her. I cannot begin to imagine the difficult journey you and Julie are going through now, but I wish her a full recovery, and that the two of you find many days of love and laughter even as you fight this battle.

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