I love 

A lot has happened lately so I’ll hit the high points so we can move on with life. 

Julie and I started construction on our house. It’s going to be a 2300 sf two story farm house. I personally would be happy living in a shoe box if it meant waking up next to her but she wanted to “go big or go home!”

I was promoted..again. I am now the Southwest regional director of construction services. Basically that means I am home from Thursday evening when my plane touches down at O’Hare until Tuesday morning when it takes off again. (When I say “my plane” I actually mean the one American Airline allows me to travel coach on) I am overseeing three projects in Houston, one in Abilene, the boring old Beaumont one, three in New Mexico and the two biggies in Dallas. Along with my promotion came a nice bonus check. One that is half my annual salary and I spent a considerable amount of it on a new car for Julie. Yes..I broke down and bought her the shiny new Toyota Tundra she has been wanting. If I’d known the type of “thank you” I would have gotten, I’d have bought that sucker sooner!  

watching the penguins


obnoxiousky large playset


maybe a king was too big for him?


We now have three pigs and 27 chickens at our “farm” and I just can’t seem to get her adjusted to the idea that those little (400 lbs) eating machines in the pen will be our breakfast one day soon. This is why you don’t name your livestock!! 

My grandson celebrated his third birthday this weekend and we flew down for that. We stole him away for a night so that his mom could get everything for his party set up without interruption and so Shemp could get the obnoxiously large play set we bought him assembled. The decor was done but the play set eventually required the use of three skilled craftsman to finally get finished after all party goers had left. 

I have decided to file charges with the State Police on one of C’s “friends”. I’ve been getting some pretty hateful texts and private messages on Facebook over the past several months from this person. Accusing me of everything from placing a hex on C’s late partner, which caused her death, to trying to manipulate money out of C. Well, I guess my refusal to acknowledge her has led to the most recent escalation in which she actually threatened to “find any reason to throw your ass in jail” the next time I’m in the area for work. Yes. This person happens to be in law enforcement as well. 

Life is good. 

Life is all about me being in love with my wife, supporting my family and doing what I enjoy doing. 

Julie is at the point that she is writing her dissertation and I am so proud of her. 

To once again be with someone who has ambition and drive. Someone who isn’t content with just dreaming, but is ready to put in the work to make those dreams come true. Her desire to succeed drives me. Makes me want to do better. BE better. 

I love that my life is better than I thought it could be and even the little set backs aren’t the major obstacles I once thought they were. 

All in all; I love my life. 


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