I have been extremely lazy when it comes to my blog, here. Not because there is nothing to report, because there is too much!

So much has happened in the short time sense I last posted so let’s hit the high points, shall we?

Work: I have closed on another 3 projects and have spent at least 14 hours a day trying to finalize contracts and schedule inspectors. If the projects were close together, jumping from one site to the next wouldn’t be so daunting. Instead I have one in El Paso, TX, one in Abilene, TX and one in Carlsbad, NM. My options for travel are not ideal. They are all within a 6 hour car drive or I could jump on a plane and fly for one or two hours. Neither is appealing but the airport wins me over every time. 

Then there is school. I decided to take a mini term. Basically I am cramming an entire semester into just 3 weeks. The class started Monday, my first assignments are due Sunday evening and I have yet to even look at the text. Mistake? Possibly but I will figure it out!

Julie. My beautiful wife and I bought a boat! Actually, it would be more accurate to say she called and asked if we could buy a boat, I gave a noncommittal, “sure. That might be fun” response and came home to a 19′ Glastron sitting in the driveway. She was happy so I was happy! 

Then there is C. Will she just go the fuck away already?!?!  She is now working as a Sheriff Deputy in the same office that her partner worked at. Hell, the same office that her partner DIED at. She called me the other night. I didn’t really want to talk to her but it’s been a while so I thought I’d see how she is. She was an ass. 

She has this way of talking down to people now. A pseudo sense of superiority. Almost a bullying attitude that, coupled with her excessive use of profanity, has a way of making any conversation unpleasant. 

She has an online dating profile and I was hoping that and her daughter’s upcoming graduation would cause her to lose interest in me and my affairs entirely. I mean, I travel to New Mexico several times a month and have never been approached to meet for coffee or drinks, since I last told her I wasn’t comfortable around her. So why she pops up from time to time, is a mystery. 

Julie had finally had enough. Unbeknownst to me, she sent her a message on Facebook. She wanted to make sure C knew that it was her and she also wanted proof that she had read the message. 

Basically Julie told her off. Asked her in a direct, yet professional way to leave us alone. She expressed her sympathy for her loss but explained that even though her communications are sporadic, they are intrusive and unsettling. 

Haven’t heard from C since. Funny, I had my little wife handle my bully for me. Haha. 

Today I’m at home and after we make a quick trip to the store, I have 8 chapters to read and report on by midnight tomorrow. 

Hope that everyone has an amazing weekend! 


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