Humor gets me through. 

So, the last few days have been terrible. I’m having to travel to BFE to try to staff our jobs in New Mexico and just reading the resumes has me leaning towards the notion that our education system is in much worse shape than I thought. 


Just as I was ready to throw in the towel and give up on my day, our marketing director calls. 

Randi: “Why the fuck do all the field inspectors insist on using my iCloud account??”

Me: “Because Chris is too cheap to set up individual ones. I use my personal one because I don’t want all their crap uploading to my devices!”

Randi: “And I appreciate that. However, I’m fairly certain the porn on your device is better than the porn on Ralph’s. I did NOT want to see midgets fucking at 7 am! Eww!”


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