This morning I had an appointment at the retinal surgeon. That sounds like such a scary thing until they tell you that 99% of what they do now is laser surgery. 

About two weeks ago I was hurt at work on the project in Beaumont. We were driving piles for one of the bridges.  For the sake of time, here’s a link that explains the process. 

Our piles are being embedded into footings that will be 6′ deep. Because of that, I was standing in a hole that was 8’X8’X6′ with three others when the pile shattered. They are 18″ square and 65′ long and made of prestressed concrete. That means it’s some pretty hard shit! 

Long story short, when that sucker shattered, chunks of concrete went flying everywhere and since we were inside the footing, we had no where to go to avoid being hit. 

Luckily, we are all used to that tell tale “ping” when the stress limit has been reached so we ducked for cover. 

Even with our quick reflexes and safety gear, all of us were still pretty banged up. Benny has a broken hand and had 14 stitches in his forehead. Louis has a broken leg, several broken ribs and he dislocated his knee. 

Me? I ended up with 3 broke ribs, a mild concussion and a cut on my head and a piece of cable in my right eye. I later discovered that I also suffered a mild fracture to my cheek bone but I’ll get into that later. 

Mostly, my injuries were mild considering what could have happened. 

I was put on a weeks comp (which I fucking hate!) and went home. Julie took care of me and I had a chance to sit around and do absolutely nothing! Yes, if I hadn’t been home with my wife, I would have hated every minute!

Anyways, a week went by and I noticed I was having blurry vision in my eye and this black spot that would “float” in my line of vision. I decided that I needed to go back to the opthalmologist. 

In her exam, she discovered that I had a small tear in my retina. We still don’t know if it was a result of me over exerting myself during my recovery or if it was missed when I went to the ER. Either way, she sent me to a retinal surgeon. On Friday morning, I went in to get my eye zipped up!

During the prep, they kept touching the cheek area around that eye and it was still sore as hell! The bruising had gone down but I was having headaches that felt more like sinus issues and it was sensitive to touch. Because of that, the doctor sent me upstairs to get an X Ray. That’s when they discovered I had the fracture. It’s the same cheek I broke when I was in the Army so I’m not sure how I didn’t recognize the familiar pain for what it was. 

The cheek had already started to heal and there’s no noticeable deformation so we all opted to just leave it alone and proceed with the surgery. 

One hour and a much larger dose of anesthesia and I was done. 

Handsome devil, huh? That artwork is Julie’s doing! 

Today was the day I got to find out if there is any permanent damage. 

I went in, let the doc shine this light and that in my eye, put in a dose of drops that burnt like hell, and roll my eyeball around like she was playing Yahtzee!

After all that, she announced I was cured!

I still have a little bit of that “gritty” feeling that she said should go away in another few days but I have noticed no floating spot or blurry vision. 

I’ve decided to take off work until Wednesday when I have to fly to New Mexico to start interviewing for our project there. 

Until then, I think I’m expected to build a raised flower bed and install some new lights at the barn. 

No rest for the wicked. 



5 thoughts on “Recouping 

  1. Can’t imagine how bad it would be if you didn’t have your safety gear on. I’ve broken ribs and it is no fun at all, particularly since they can’t do anything for them, and they ache. My major complaint was that they were invisible to others, so no one cut me any slack compared to being in a cast. Hope you heal up and feel better soon.

    • The ribs were the worst. I couldn’t get comfortable sleeping, breathing was difficult, coughing damn near made me cry and I couldn’t even dress myself for the first few days. I have no complaints about Julie undressing me but asking her to help me put my clothes on? Lol

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