Here we go

I’m back in Texas doing my whole business presentations, let’s win contracts, thing. 

While I’m flying here, there and everywhere, my Julie is having a meltdown! 

She’s knee deep in school both professionally and her own pursuits (she’s trying to get her second Ph.D.  As if I don’t feel enough like a window licker around her.) and she’s ready for us to build our house. 

We’ve looked through a lot of “cookie cutter” blueprints but none really scream out to us. 

I’m so busy looking at plan sheets of bridges and roadways that staring at foundation layouts and framing details is not my idea of fun. 

“I get that this feels like work to you but I feel like I’m looking at a human brain!”

That’s Julie’s latest mindset on the issue. 

I get it. I really do. I also know that whatever she wants is basically what I’ll be happy with. 

Today I have a presentation in Houston. Tomorrow prep in Dallas. Thursday a presentation in Amarillo and home Thursday night. 

I’m so busy that I’m making an executive decision; I’m calling an architect. Let a guy (or girl) with a seal sit down with Julie, listen to her list of must haves and have nots and then design us her dream home. 

Yes it’s going to cost considerably more than ordering a set of factory prints from “you new home.whatever” but in the end she will get exactly what she wants which means I’ll get exactly what I want. 

Julie. In case you read this before lunch….SURPRISE!! 

I love you! 


2 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. I recommend design-build or builders. Sometimes an architect is so far disconnected with builders and the real world they can waste time and money coming up with un-realistic designs or even expensive non-cost effective designs. I would review their portfolios and existing designs and costs to build before going with anyone. That’s just my 2 cents.

    • We are interviewing several firms next week. I’m not a fan of design build because those projects take the client out of the equation and it becomes about the designer and contractor. I want to hire our contractor and oversee the construction myself. I have a seal so I can make any changes that don’t work for us or that prove to be difficult due to material of labor availability.

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