Well alrighty then. 

I got a long private message from C on Sunday. The two of us haven’t had any contact with each other in weeks. 

I take that back. I did feel bad for just “abandoning” her so I sent her a text Saturday evening that said, “I hope all of you are having a good weekend.”

As Julie and I were driving to the store, my notification went off. I glanced at it and noticed it was C’s name. “Hey. C sent a message. Read it and let’s see how she’s doing.”

As soon as she opened it she stopped, looked at me and asked, “You may not want to read this now.”

I was puzzled but told her to go ahead. I mean hey. I have tried to be supportive. Giving her space when she would shut down and offering advice only when asked for. My fear was that this was her telling me that she was injured or worse, something had happened to the kids.

“Lee. I am drawing the line in the sand. I find your texts intrusive and I don’t know why you would think you have unprecedented access to me, my family or my close friends. My life is still evolving since the death of my wife and I am trying to figure out what parts of my past I should hang on to and which ones I need to let go. This is me choosing to exit our friendship. You are intelligent and capable. You have terrific friends and great kids. Please never contact me again.”

Ok. Hmm. 

Needless to say, I haven’t contacted her nor will I. I suggested in one post that I thought she might be bi polar (I am not claiming to be a medical professional) or at the least, bat shit crazy. 

Either way, Julie simply deleted the message and we went about our day. 

Later that night, I was browsing Facebook and noticed that a picture she posted was in my newsfeed. 

Odd. I assumed she would have deleted me from her friends list. Ok. Whatever. 

I didn’t delete her, I simply moved her to my “aquantence” list so I won’t see her posts. No need to react just because she was pretty snarky. 

My assumption was that she had forgotten to do that and it would be addressed later. 

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from our mutual friend, T. “Hey. Have you talked to C lately?”

I told her I hadn’t (which technically wasn’t a lie. She sent me a message and I didn’t respond) because I didn’t feel the need to drag someone else into this. 

Apparently, C removed T from her friends list and isn’t returning her calls, texts and messages asking about it. 

When I heard this, I thought that C had finally gotten around to cleaning up her Facebook. 

Out of curiosity, I looked and she is still on my friends list. She deleted T but left me. 

I don’t know if she was expecting a reaction or if she really is crazy. But, I do think her suggestion that we never communicate again was a very good one! 


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