A day in the life. 

This week has been amazing! 

I’ve been home doing plan and schedule reviews, taking care of some much needed work at the farm and just spending time with julie. 

Today, we decided to take advantage of the first truly beautiful day that we’ve had in a while. 

We first ventured out to the farm. Took care of the chickens and the two hogs and I staked out the area that julie wants her garden. I use the phrase garden loosely because I think she is planning to grow enough food to sustain us through an apocalypse! It has to be an area of at least 1/4 acre!! 

After that we decided that we needed to get in a long over due run. We went to the university and apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought today was a perfect day to get a few laps in around the quad. 

To round out our day, we just finished a trip to the market and I’m fixing us dinner. Afterwards, we will be meeting some friends at their house to play a few rounds of Cards against humanity. If you’ve never played, I recommend it for a few good laughs! 

Enjoy your weekend!! 


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