I flew back home yesterday. Had a meeting in Chicago and my subsequent dinner with my old friend. 

I made the three hour drive home and have been at the house not so diligently working on a construction schedule that is just not going to work. 

It’s after 4pm and Julie will be home in about an hour. I’ve decided to fix dinner for us. On weekends and other days that I’m lucky enough to be home, Julie and I take turns cooking. When I’m in Beaumont and she’s here, our diets typically consist of a lot of prepackaged or take out meals. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort or mess to cook for just one. 

I head back to Beaumont on Tuesday. Yes, you heard right, I have a full week here at home. 

The ice and snow that hit the DFW area has our projects there shut down. While the temperatures are starting to warm up, that leaves a lot of mud and sludge that can’t be worked in. In the Beaumont and Houston areas where we have projects it’s been raining off and on for over a week and it’s expected to continue until the weekend. That too means no work on our projects. Abilene, Amarillo and Big Springs have had their share of weather mishaps but red tape with the contractors are holding up that production. I was just in Clovis and the PM and inspectors there have everything under control. That means, I get to work from home. Yes…HOME! 

It makes no sense for the firm to spend money on airfare to send me back to Texas or New Mexico and hotels for me to stay in away from the Beaumont/Houston jobs so I’m here doing plan review and schedule acceptance. Trust me, I would rather be in the field but since I get to be with my wife; I’m happy to do whatever they ask. 

Julie will be home in about an hour. We will have dinner, together. We will watch tv on the sofa, together and we will go to bed and sleep in OUR bed, together. 

It may sound like a boring and routine day, but it’s just about the best damn thing in the world, right now! 

And for those wondering? No. I haven’t heard from C. I said a prayer for her that she can find peace but that’s all I can do for her right now. 


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