What makes her worth it? 

I posted a comment on Facebook that said, “a passionate woman is worth the chaos”. My Julie is definitely passionate and some days there’s even a little chaos thrown in 

In fact, there was a while when I actually called her Chaos instead of her regular name. 

Anyways…a mutual friend of ours saw my post and texted me asking, “How do you know when a woman is actually worth the chaos and not just more trouble than she’s worth?”

I thought about it for a while. Trying to decide exactly what it is about julie that makes me confident that I’ll never walk away from her again. 

This was my response…

It’s hard to explain. I guess it’s a feeling. Ya know? 

Like…no matter how much she pokes the bear, you can’t stay mad at her. No matter how much you want to. 
Or the way that when you know she’s hurting you just want to wrap your arms around her and protect her from any ugliness in the world. 
Or how you feel so damned helpless that you can’t fix all of her problems at once.
Maybe it’s when you think about sex with her and it’s an awesome thought and it gets you all worked up but the thought of just walking up behind her, wrapping your arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck is pretty damn good too. 
I guess the reality that this is one of the few times when doing silly things like going to the grocery store or fixing dinner with her sounds exactly like the place you want to be. For a very, very long time.
There’s so much more but those definitely make you feel like someone is worth a little chaos.”

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