Sunday and the time change. 

How did we ever manage to keep our shit together before cell phones and huge networks?

This morning we woke up to the daily reminder that my phone sends me. It’s just a simple “quote of the day”. What that told us was that it was already 9am. 

This year our leap forward came earlier than usual. Not sure why but then again, I still don’t really understand why we do it to start with! 

I remember when we didn’t have cell phone to remind us of everything! I was constantly late or an hour early for work, church, whatever. We didn’t have social media blaring in our face back then either, so we didn’t have constant posts saying “Spring forward, fall back”. 

We are getting ready to head to church and then lunch with some friends. Today, I’m in my introvert mood so I’m not exactly looking forward to a big crowd but I’ll manage. Julie has promised me an afternoon of just peace and quiet in the comfort and privacy of our home. I just have to get through this!

In the meantime, I guess I need to reset all the clocks that aren’t on a network! 


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