For the love of God! 

I think C is bipolar! I think she is simply bat shit crazy with a dash of serious instability thrown in! 

She most definitely is a shitty friend. 

I don’t really have anything new to add but I think that I’m finally at the “see ya!” stage of our friendship. 


5 thoughts on “For the love of God! 

  1. Oh dear. Are you upset? I’m sorry that this has happened to your friendship. Sometimes though we can realise some people are just shity. Someone bipolar, that’s different, that’s medical and manageable.

      • If she has it and isn’t taking her meds then that’s sad. Maybe she needs help because she doesn’t sound like an ass hole from what you’ve said before. She sounds like she’s been through a lot of big changes and can’t seem to manage herself right now. Some people are so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start.

      • That sentiment is exactly what has kept me from just walking away! I’ve been friends with her for almost 10 years. I was explaining to a friend last night that the C I know is intelligent, kind, responsible and caring. This C is reckless, moody, and indifferent. It’s literally like knowing two different people.
        Late last night she sent me a text and it was dripping with arrogance and condescension. Not the person I know.

      • Wow she’s going through a very hard time. Sometimes it’s good to take time out from a intense situation to have some breathing space. I think that when you’re a little less emotionally charged you may be able to have a much more positive and productive conversation with her when she’s in a place to hear you. Good luck.

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