How I rate blog posts 

I was flipping through my reader the other day and it dawned on me that I don’t “like” or comment on a lot of what I read. 

Somedays I scan through what’s in there and others I’ll devour each post by each author. 

Today I was catching up on those I haven’t been able to actually read. 

Some are funny, some are foodie posts, some focus on gay/lesbian lifestyles, some on engineering, etc. I read what interests me. 

I clicked the star on several but commented on none. 

Julie once asked me what my favorite posts are. The truth is, like me, they don’t fit into a neat little box. 

Some I enjoy because they resonate with a part of me or what I’m going through at the time. Some make me laugh out loud when I need a little levity in my day. Others are just very well written. Yes, I can appreciate that a blog post may not be on a topic I find interesting but I have the utmost respect for an author that can write in a way that makes me want to keep reading. 

I write to get all the randomness out of my head. It’s a way to pass time and to spew out information that is distracting me from accomplishing my daily goals. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I could probably be more successful with my blogs, considering my extensive education in writing, but I do this for me. 

I have a bad habit of getting wrapped up in life and neglecting my blog. I’ve gone for at least a year without spitting out anything. Other times, I have so much to get out there, I may post several times a day. 

Whatever my mood, I wanted to say that just because I may not comment or like your posts very often, I am here. Lurking in the shadows, appreciating the entertainment you all provide. Thank you. 


5 thoughts on “How I rate blog posts 

  1. You are a good writer with a good story to tell, with hooks. I want to know what happens (and how much sleep you do/don’t get).

    I write to clear my mind – otherwise I keep going around in circles. I follow a lot of blogs (lesbian, butch, trans, and fellow travelers) and when I read a personal post I can relate to I tend to throw a like on it- sort of a calling card to say “hey I hear you and I’m interested in what you are saying.”
    I’m a competitive person and blogging is hard for me – I try not to watch stats or follows too closely and I try not to write for numbers – or to use the numbers to decide “am I a successful blogger?” I like to write and I’d rather read other people’s blogs than market my own (e.g. tweet, tumble, or Facebook my way to “fame”). It is a good hobby and it keeps me out of trouble.

    • We seem to have a lot in common in that respect. My competitive nature fueled my need to check my stats virtually every hour. Since I started blogging for my own sanity, I seldom look at them anymore. Every once in a while I’ll get the random notification that I’ve had X number of views, but those who read my stuff regularly usually give me the only feedback I need. For that, I am grateful!
      How’s the healing, btw?

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