But I don’t wanna!! 

Last night (late last night) I got back to Beaumont and Julie to Illinois. We texted back and forth when we could and then had a long conversation when we both settled back in to our respective pre work routines. 

We were on the phone until after 1am. Our trip to Austin was amazing! We had so much fun with our friends JWill and JMac. Some of my older friends invited us to happy hour where we met several other new folks. 

I reconnected with people I’d lost touch with during the whole SIW debacle. 

On Saturday, we went to brunch with JMac. We ate, chatted and laughed! Our brief mid morning meal turned into a 5 hour event! (Yes. We left a tip that was larger than our tab!)

JWill met a guy (big surprise…not!!) and when JMac left to meet her other friends, Julie and I went back to the BnB. It was about 5pm when we got there. 

We slipped into our pajamas (for me this is a pair of boxer briefs and a t shirt, for her it’s my old Army sweat shirt and panties) 

We watched movies, ordered pasta, drank wine and had some of the most amazing sex! For the record…I’m a firm believer that a visit to a hotel or BnB is an automatic setting for amazing sex!!

When JWill finally got back from her “date” it was after midnight and Julie and I were in bed, wrapped up in each other!

The only part of this weekend that wasn’t perfect was when I had to kiss Julie goodbye at her terminal and walk over to mine. 

This morning I was on cloud nine! Until C texted….

“I guess after a weekend in Austin, Beaumont must be a real drag! How about we grab that coffee when you’re in Clovis this week?”

I get a knot in my stomach each time I hear from her now. Bracing for whatever mood swing will hit next!

I simply responded with the “thumbs up” emoticon and left it at that. 

I just landed in Lubbock and will drive to Clovis in the morning. 

Yes, this is unusually passive aggressive for me, but since she’s gleaning all her info from my Facebook, I think I’ll go into “stealth” mode on there and not mention her invitation. Hell, I don’t really feel like being the only one to be participating in this friendship and I’m at the point where I am ready to just let go, all together. 

In the meantime, I am flying home to see Julie on Friday morning and I can’t wait!! 


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