Cell phone lots 

All hail the person who invented the cell phone lot! No more circling the terminals or paying for parking while waiting for that flight to get in. 

They do have their drawbacks, though. In larger cities such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, you are only allowed to idle your car for 5 minutes at a time. 

That may not seem so bad until you are in the heart of Texas on August and there’s a heat index of 113 or you’re in Chicago in January and its a balmy -3. Those precious 5 minutes make the difference between frozen toes or a cheerful disposition. 

Another flaw is the whole “first come first served”. I, personally, have no problem with this. However, there’s always at least one douche bag who refuses to circle the terminal a time or two until a spot opens. Instead, he parks right in the middle of the lot so traffic can’t navigate around him. 

Most lots have a 60 minute time limit. I always thought that was too generous. My thought is if you’re going to be waiting for an hour, you should have grabbed a cup of coffee on your way to the airport! I suppose if a flight is delayed, that might hinder things but every airline has an app now that allows you to check flight status. 

Julie and I have spent plenty of time in cell phone lots. Waiting on the other persons flight to land. 

Today is the first time we’ve ever been waiting in one together. Jess’ flight gets in to Austin in about 15 minutes so we are sitting patiently in a spot. Julie checking emails and me..well..blogging. 

We got to Austin about 1:30. Grabbed a late lunch at a Greek restaurant that I like and navigated traffic. 

We decided to wait to check into the bnb until we pick up Jess. We were a little worried we’d be late retrieving her because we got wrapped up in conversation and next thing we knew it was almost 4pm. Oops! 

I have turned off my work phone. Activated my “automated response” for my email and already dealt with time sheets and expense reports! 

This is my weekend away with my wife and friends and there isn’t a single bridge “crisis” on this planet that can’t be handled by someone else! 


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