Austin bound! 

Thanks to the miracle of TLC and plenty of orange juice, I am back to about 90% of my original self! 

Julie and I have spent two days, alone, in Beaumont and we are about to head to Austin. 

It’s that time of year! When we meet up for J Mac’s birthday! It’s a non leap year celebration. (Her birthday is actually Feb 29)

Julie and I are packed and getting ready to drop Riley off at Louie’s for a long weekend with her playful pooch. Then it’s up to Austin. 

Jessi is flying in from San Francisco and we are picking her up at the airport at 4. The three of us have rented a small house in the SoCo area for the weekend so we will have plenty of privacy but still be close to everything!

Two weeks ago Julie and I were at the Holiday Inn. It was clean and comfortable but it had that “sterile” feeling. Hopefully, this will be more comfortable for all of us. 

Tonight it’s happy hour with some of my other friends until around 9, then off to meet up with J Mac at the pub of her choosing. Tomorrow it’s Dave Atell at the Cap City comedy club. 

I’m looking forward to a few days away. Just me, Julie and my friends in a town that still feels like home! 

Happy weekend, my friends!! 


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