Thought provoking.

I read a person’s post on Facebook a few minutes ago. She lost her husband about a year ago, in Iraq.

As a former soldier, I can sympathize with her pain.

The post was from a friend of hers and while I’d like to give her full credit for it, I would feel as though I was violating her anonymity.

It was a conversation between two people that I was allowed to witness.

The statement was so thought provoking that I wanted to share it too. It gave me a different perspective about the grief we feel when a loved one passes.

My friend is terrified to date again. She worries that she will suffer the same pain and loss all over again. She knows that allowing another in means giving them an opportunity to break her heart.

She also feels that she is betraying the love she feels for her husband.

“When you lose the love of your life, they never truly leave you. They sit in your heart. Waiting silently, patiently, hoping that you will once again find a love that you will allow to touch you. That way they can have someone to share you with. Being alone in there can be a truly lonely place!”


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