Today was one of my telecommuting days. I had a few presentation questions to “word smith” for two contracts we are bidding on, expense reports from my inspectors to review and approve for payment, time sheets to authorize and the weekly project meeting in Beaumont to attend.

Luckily, I only have to go to that once a month.

While I could easily sit around the apartment and watch tv in my sweats, I feel as though I’m cheating.

I have enough work to justify 8 hours and knowing me….if I lolly gagged around, I’d be working off and on until time for bed.

Because of that, one thing I did do today was to deal with some of the maintenance on my work truck. I changed the air filter, wiper blades, cleaned it out inside and scheduled an appointment for an oil change.

I get to the local chain mechanic and this is how that whole situation unfolded.

Me: “I have an appointment for 4 o’clock for an oil change.”

Service tech: “Ok? But it’s only 3:45.”

Me: “Yes? Is that a problem?”

Service tech: “your appointment isn’t until 4”

Me: “Ok. Should I go outside and stand in the parking lot until 4?”

Service tech: “No. Your just early. I’m not sure how to handle that”

Me: “you won’t be the one actually doing the work on my truck, are you?”

Service tech: “No. Why?”

Me: “no reason. I’ll just be sitting over here until you figure this out.”


I’m convinced his parents had the same last name BEFORE they were married.

And for the record…I left at 6:27pm. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one confused.


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