Wow! What a year!

This week I was in Austin. I have to go through recertification to keep my license to be eligible to oversee asphalt construction, every 3 years. It was time to deal with that.

Julie took a few days off work and flew down to meet me. My classes are from 8am to around 3pm so we thought it would be a nice little mini vacation.

During this time together in Texas, we couldn’t help but remind ourselves just how far we’ve come, as a couple and as individuals, in just 12 months.

One year ago I was boldly kissing her in her hotel room. It was the first kiss we had shared in over 20 years.

We were cautiously approaching a relationship. One that involved an ex that wasn’t ready to let go, legal issues that had to be dealt with, my school schedule that offered little free time and the geographical complications.

We have overcome all of those!

In these twelve months, we have moved into our own place, bought several acres to begin building our dream house and got married!

I’ve moved up in my career to a position I didn’t think I could achieve. She has made great strives in her own education and career life.

She has reconnected with her family and they have come to accept our marriage.

All in all, this past year has been amazing!

While tomorrow is not our anniversary of marriage, it does mark one year that we have been back together.

Julie…I love you. Here’s to another 40 years of ups, downs and in betweens with you by my side!!


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