Days like these.

Some days I miss Julie so much that I swear it physically hurts.

Today is one such day.

Both of us are busy so texting or talking isn’t much of an option until after work. By then, I will have had to shift from work mode to school mode and that leaves me even more distracted.

This morning I sent her the usual “good morning” text and asked if the snow was coming back. She responded and we chatted for a bit while we both drove to work.

I had a safety meeting to lead this morning and then training to get my inspectors registered for.

She has paperwork to sift through since the new semester has started and meetings to attend.

I came back to the apartment at lunch, like I usually do, to let my dog walk around a bit and to eat. The whole time I was driving I kept looking at my phone. Re-reading texts she had sent, looking at her Facebook and Twitter, all in an attempt to feel closer to her. Even if just for a moment.

She usually sends me a text when she’s at lunch to see if I can talk but until then, I will keep my phone attached to me like an extra appendage.

The worst part about days like this is when the day is done. When I’m laying in bed, alone. Wishing that the pillow I have snuggled up against me was her.

It’s hard to fall asleep when you can’t clear that longing from your mind and it’s even harder to get up because you just want to go back to sleep so you can dream of them some more.

It’s Tuesday. I fly home Friday evening. I get my usual weekend with her but knowing that a permanent move is just around the corner makes it feel like I’m being cheated with just a few days.

Today may turn out to be the longest day of my week!


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