You’d think that when I’m home, the last thing I want is to be busy with chores. In the contrary!

I love the fact that Julie always has a list of things for us to do.

With the snow, it’s almost impossible for us to do anything outdoors that doesn’t involve bundling up. That tends to limit the activities that we would normally do on a Sunday such as golf, hiking, kayaking, shopping. (I had to throw the shopping in! Julie LOVES her shopping trips!)

Instead, we have devoted some of our Sunday’s to working on “The Homestead”. Our modest few acres outside of town that is home to her chickens and two pigs that she has affectionately named Oscar and Alvin.

I’m not sure she realizes that bonding with these hogs means having to be responsible for the death of a friend, one day!!

This morning, we rented a tiller attachment and borrowed a tractor from her dad. She wants to plant a garden in the spring. We figured that today would be a good day to try and get the area prepped so when everything thaws, we are ready!

She also wants to try to plant Kale. It is one of the few things that is hardy enough to withstand the cold and ice. (We’ll see)

Today is sunny but cold. With us taking turns tilling up the ground (translates to playing on the big machine!) we managed to make one hell of a muddy mess!!

I have rigged up feeders for the hogs and chickens so that she doesn’t have to worry too much if life gets crazy and she can’t make the trek out for a day.

It’s funny to watch her trying to be more self sufficient. I’ve always enjoyed raising animals and growing our fruits and vegetables. She hasn’t ever really experienced anything outside of a cherry tomato plant that she had on her front porch.

We’ve been looking at different blue prints for houses and discussing what we want our home to be. We want to have solar power at the house but it can be pretty expensive to set up. There is electricity and water out there already, so for now, we will continue to “live on the grid”.

I’m loving this! Loving the adventure of planning our life together. Not a life of separation.


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