Mercury is in retrograde. Ummm ok?

I have a friend who claims to be psychic. Now, I don’t know how much I believe her, but I do believe there are those who are a little more sensitive to things than others.

Today we were chatting and she informed me that Mercury is in retrograde.

Just for the record..she has said this to me so many times that I keep waiting for her to give me the tiny window that Mercury is NOT in retrograde!!

Back to my story…

She told me that this means it’s not a good time to sign contracts, make big decisions about money and communication between people will be strained.

This made me laugh.

This morning I got a text from C. It was thoughtful and sincere. She asked about work, Julie and my overall attitude towards things.

We actually texted back and forth for almost an hour.

She offered me some sound advice and even asked for clarification on a few things!

This is NOT typical of C.

Perfect example?

She has told me the same story about her dad at least 7 times. I can mention something about work and a week later she is stunned that I “never mentioned it”. She sucks at communication, in general.

If there is anything to this whole Mercury in retrograde thing, it must have an exact opposite effect on C.

Maybe I should limit myself to conversations with her only when that tiny little planet is flying backwards!!


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