Honey do

My flight got in last night about 6:30. I drove from the airport to the house in almost complete silence.

Every once in a while I just can’t stand to hear the radio. There isn’t any music that I want to listen to and talk radio is more of a mindless drone than anything else.

I needed the time to think.

I’ve gotten into a pattern when I fly now. I put in headphones (they aren’t actually plugged in to anything) to help with the change in cabin pressure and to deter people from trying to chat me up. I know. That sounds rude, but when I climb on the plane, I’ve already had a long week and I really want a little peace and quiet.

I then pull out my iPad and read. I love the fact that along with free shipping and streaming, I get the kindle library that I can “borrow” books from with my Amazon Prime account!

Ok. Enough of my unsolicited ad…

I’ve been named the VP of Construction Services at my firm. This means I’m now overseeing all field activities. I have to make regular visits to the different job sites and perform oversight inspections at all of them.

Currently, we have active projects in Clovis, New Mexico, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Angelo, and Big Springs. We recently picked up contracts in St. Louis, Chicago and now an airport in Amarillo.

My job will be to find the best way to hit each job at least once a month and the bigger projects twice.

I’ve got a preliminary plan in place that I’m going to try once I have to actually begin all this in May. I’ll work at home on Mondays and Fridays. Fly out on Monday evenings. I’ll pick a spot that is fairly central to one cluster of jobs. For example? My Ft. Worth, Dallas and San Angelo projects. Take three days on those, fly home Thursday night.

I’ll be home Thursday evening until Monday evening. Julie and I are absolutely stoked at this!!

I chose those days simply because the middle of the week is cheaper for air fare and hotels. If I’m mindful of our budget, hopefully this little luxury of living with my wife will become a routine!!

Today I chatted with a couple of friends and then Julie and I headed to her folks to help them hang cabinets. They are remodeling their kitchen and wanted to save a few bucks.

We finished up early enough to have dinner with them and then get home in time to clean up before bed.

Julie is doing her nightly ritual of checking emails and Pinterest and I’m blogging.

I can definitely get used to life being routine!!


2 thoughts on “Honey do

  1. Congrats on the promotion – that is a lot of flying! You may want to splurge on a pair of Bose sound canceling headphones. Guaranteed to drive away/cancel out even the most obnoxious seat mates.

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