Getting to really know her

When Julie and I first started seeing each other again, we knew we needed to get to know each other all over. 25 years had passed and a lifetime of experiences had shaped what we felt and thought.

One thing we would do is we would take turns asking questions. Every morning we would rotate which person would ask the “question of the day”. They were little, almost trivial things but the types of things that we remember about each other to this day.

I was cleaning out my computer files and ran across my list of QOTD questions that I had sent her and vice versa along with her responses.

While this may seem silly, it really did help us get to know one another better and it led to us asking deeper questions when we would talk that night, in order to find out why the answers were what they were.

Here’s a list of some of those questions. As I look at them, I can remember the conversations and stories behind them that we shared.

1. What is your favorite book?
2. What is your favorite vegetable?
3. What types of snacks to you get at the movies?
4. What is your happiest memory of your parents?
5. What was the moment when you felt the most afraid?
6. What is one song that can come on the radio and no matter what is going on, you want to sing along?
7. Favorite color to wear? Favorite color in general? (This is obviously one that Julie asked. Lol)
8. If you had to choose between only watching reality TV or a scripted show, which would you choose?
9. Do you feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day makes you feel refreshed or lazy?
10. What is your “go to” footwear?
11. Chapstick or Carmex?
12. Soda or tea?
13. How do you drink your coffee?
14. Must see TV show. Even if it’s only on DVR.
15. You’re home sick. The only thing to do is watch tv. Do you choose a cheesy talk show or a soap opera?
16. Is flossing a ritual that goes along with brushing or a “when I think about it” habit?
17. No show socks or crew length?
18. Slippers or flip flops?
19. How would you rate the importance of shaving in the winter when you only wear pants?
20. If you had to choose only one sport to follow, what would it be?
21. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage to do?
22. Would you skydive?
23. On an extended vacation, would you rather fly and spend your time at the spot, or drive and take in the sites along the way?
24. Beef or chicken?
25. Gel or mousse?
26. What type of deodorant do you use?
27. What do you sleep in?
28. Are you comfortable sleeping naked?
29. Dog or cat for a pet?
30. Whole, skim or 2% milk?

Again, these are kinda silly questions but they actually taught me a lot about Julie’s life since we were kids.

For example? She can’t sleep naked. Someone once tried to break into her apartment and she couldn’t find her clothes in the dark. Luckily, her fumbling around made enough noise it scared away the intruder.

As for her? She said the most telling was the happiest memory of my parents. Not the memory itself, but the fact that I didn’t have one. My happiest memory was of my grandmother.

I’ve always said its the little things that add up to a lifetime of happiness. Knowing that she can’t stand vanilla creamer and I love asparagus means we always manage to meet in the middle.

I love you Julie!


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