New year and new craziness!

Last night I got a call from my boss. “Ready for your travel schedule for January?”

We have spent the last several months submitting bid proposals for virtually every job that has been opened up for contract.

Everything from Louisiana to Chicago and all over the state of Texas.

Today, I’m in St. Louis. Spending my morning presenting to the national highway administration in an effort to convince them that we are the best bet for their inspection and engineering needs.

I fly back to Texas tomorrow and will spend the next two days in Dallas. On Sunday, I fly back to Dallas and will present on Monday. That gives me Friday-Sunday at home with Julie.

How is this different than my past experiences? It’s my dog and pony show!

My boss has decided that I am capable of overseeing these presentations all by myself.

Typically, I would simply be presenting on one or two topics when it came my turn, while my boss was the one to direct and oversee the entire presentation.

This time it’s all me!

From presentation prep, set up, direction, initiation, Q&A and closing.

I was given a substantial raise that started on January 1. It’s my guess that my boss wants me to “earn my keep”.

Whatever the case, I am gladly accepting this initial responsibility. I am eager to prove that not only am I a good choice for the task, but the best choice!

My 2015 has started off busy. Here’s hoping it’s just as prosperous and I am able to move our firm up to my home very soon!


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