I think resolutions are silly.

9 times out of 10, we’ve broken them before February even rolls around. most people, it’s a “tradition” that I have grown to see as much a part of my yearly ritual as black eyed peas. (In the south, a New Year’s Day without black eyed peas means a year of bad fortune)

This year, I’ve decided that my resolutions should not only be obtainable, but they should focus less on my own personal “wants” and more on growth that effects those I love.

After all, I have a wife to think of, and while I’m sure she would appreciate it if I had 6 pack abs, I’m certain a pure heart would suit her needs much better.

1. Don’t do anything out of malice.
This seems simple, but how many times a day do we find ourselves fantasizing about how to “get back” at someone that has wronged us? I still have moments where I think about, and implement strategies to take down my competition at work.
That stops today.

2. Let go of the past.
Sure, that sounds so cliche but I am guilty of allowing my past, especially mistakes to hold me in limbo.
I can’t change what was. I can’t “unhurt” those I’ve wronged and dwelling on my actions only leads to me living in an endless loop.

3. Stop doing things that are a waste of energy.
I find myself looking at the Facebook pages of old friends and trying to glean information from them, I analyze situations for hours trying to find meaning where meaning doesn’t exist. Those are moments that could better be spent living in the here and now.

3. Be kind.
I’m pretty good at this one. I try to be empathetic to those less fortunate than me. If I see a homeless person, I try to see them as just that…a person. I give when I can and I try to live by the saying, “if you can’t help someone, don’t do them any further harm”

4. Love
Unconditionally. See the faults and imperfections for what they are..battle scars of a life lived before me. Appreciate that cup of coffee that she made me this morning, and tell her I appreciate it. Listen when she talks..don’t just wait for my turn to respond but actually listen. Keep her safe. Not just from the big scary world but from my own ability to be reckless with her heart. All these things show the love that I feel and I intend to be better at them this year.

There you have it. A small but doable list. One that will force me outside of my comfort zone but in the long run will cause me to grow and be happier as an individual and as a partner.

Here’s to 2015 being my best year yet.


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