Thank you Chick-Fil-A

You are probably asking yourself why a newly wed lesbian is thanking allegedly the most homophobic restaurant chain in the U.S.

Well, anyone who has read my blog knows that I typically don’t follow along with popular opinion just for the sake of riding along on the band wagon.

I like Chick-Fil-A. Or at least their food. I’m a firm believer in “live and let live” so what the owners do with their profits is none of my business.

I’ve always been treated with courtesy and respect and not once have I been made to feel uncomfortable due to my orientation. So…I have no problem with them.

Today has been an increasingly difficult day for Julie. It has been one of those days where if she could have just stayed in the hotel, under the covers she would have faired much better. Sadly, that was not an option.

It started last night when United Airlines lost her bags. Our assumption is that they put them on a different flight when we checked them because my one suitcase and garment bag made it safely to Baton Rouge. Neither of hers showed.

She got up this morning, dressed in a set of my jeans and a sweatshirt (both of which were two sizes too large) and set off to purchase new clothes, toiletries, etc.

While she was out, she had a blowout on the rental. After waiting in a rather iffy part of Baton Rouge for the rental company to send a repair truck, she finished her shopping and started to head back to the hotel. On the way, she got a call from her brother. “After all these years, you couldn’t spend Christmas here?? You know mom and dad are trying!”

That upset her because we made our holiday plans months ago after speaking to both sides of the family.

She gets back to the hotel and decides to soak in a hot bath to help the stress slip away. At that time she discovers there is no hot water. Apparently, the hotel had a water leak and they were repairing it.

She decides to take a quick, cold shower and get dressed. The airline promised the bags would be delivered to our hotel by tonight, but at the time she was dealing with this…nothing.

She goes into the bedroom, takes out the outfit she purchased and notices they hadn’t removed the security tags. These huge, round, magnetic discs are attached to her clothes.

Btw. While all this is going on, I’m in New Orleans picking up Louie whose flight came into the airport there.

She gets back into my ill fitting clothes and goes back to the store. Tries to explain the situation but is met with expressions of disbelief. I can only imagine my girl trying to keep it together while shoving the receipts in their faces just to get them to take the tags off the clothes she’s already purchased!!

After that ordeal, she goes back to the hotel and changes. Does a little more shopping and then decides to go grab a late lunch before Louie and I get back.

She stops at Chick-Fil-A.

She orders her #1 combo and pulls up to the window. As the cashier hands her the drink, Julie hands her the debit card. “Ma’am. Do you have another form of payment? Your card was declined”

As Julie scrambles to find her purse, she realizes that she only grabbed her phone, drivers license and the debit card.

Embarrassed, she starts to hand the woman the drink and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Then this happened….

“It’s ok. You have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your meal!”

The woman gave Julie the drink and meal for free!!!

When she got back, Louie and I were in the hotel room waiting. When she walked in the door and saw me, she broke down. A helpless, defeated sobbing that I have never seen from her before.

As she explained her day (while depositing both make up and snot on my shirt) she slowly brightened up when she told me about Chick-Fil-A.

This woman didn’t have to do that. She could have easily taken the sandwich and fries and served them to another customer. But, instead she gave them to Julie to help brighten her day!

So. Thank you!

Btw. The card was declined because apparently while she was shopping, the bank thought there were suspicious charges and froze the card. All is back to normal now!


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