Rushing all around!

I’ve been home for a day and a half. Today, Julie and I board a plane and head to Louisiana to pick up Dewey and James. Tuesday, Louie flys to meet us.

These past 24 hours have been odd, to say the least.

I’ve been preoccupied by my own travel plans and helping Julie get the last little bit of shopping done, I’ve neglected some of my friends. C being one of them.

Yesterday I got a text from her. Out of the blue. “Lee-I cut you out of my life because I don’t like your energy. I am choosing not to have you in my life!”

Ok? I got on Facebook to see if something had happened. She has unfriended me. So I tried to call her. She has blocked my number.

As I stand there with a confused look on my face, Julie asked me what was wrong. I just handed her my phone and told her about Facebook and the blocking of my number.

At that point Julie asked me something I wasn’t expecting. “Have you fucked her? At any time?”

No. I’ve never had a romantic or sexual relationship with C. I was confused by not only C’s behavior but by Julie’s question.

After a brief explanation, I started to see if from Julie’s perspective. I fly to NM to see a friend. I then come home and marry my wife and refuse to be baited by C and her behavior. Yep. It kinda looks like a jealous ex.

But we were never that to each other. So I’m not sure where this is all coming from.

I didn’t make any further attempts to contact C. I could text or call from my work phone. Send a message on Facebook. But, if she is actually trying to cut me out of her life, will respect that. If she is just being manipulative, I don’t need that type of person in my life.

Today? I am with the person that matters most to me.

As for C? I hope she finds some peace in her life. That’s all I can give her. Hope.


2 thoughts on “Rushing all around!

    • I’m not dwelling on it. I haven’t contacted her because i figure she is the only person that knows when/if she is ready to communicate. As fod the “move on”? What exactly do you mean? If I’m not spending time thinking about her, allowing myself to get sucked in to her game, or letting this interfere with my daily life, I dont think there is anything to “move on” from. I think the fact that her reaction caught me completely off guard attests to the fact that she doesn’t occupy much space in my thoughts. That being said, if she chooses to reach out to me at some point, later, i will be receptive.

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