Julie: “well, you didn’t get the 4.0 GPA you were hoping for but you did get a solid B+”

Me: “I’m not disappointed in the grade. I’m disappointed that I allowed things to distract me. If I got a 3.5, I could have done so much better.”

Julie: “Honey, this isn’t a competition. All you need to do is get that degree. Who cares if you’re Magna Cum Laude?”

Me: “I’ll keep that in mind, Doc!”

Did I mention Julie has enrolled in school and is pursuing her SECOND doctorate?? Yeah. Feeling a little like I need to be riding the short bus!!


One thought on “Conversations

  1. Just imagine what you could do if you got a full night’s sleep every night. Or went to school full-time without a full time job and multiple family responsibilities.

    I’ve got a Masters in Transportation Science and I got a P.E. when I thought I was going to need one. The P.E. is useful because people take you seriously and people who don’t know what it is think it is like an PhD. in Engineering. The MST was useless except that I had a scholarship and stipend (I got paid to teach) and it got me my first job – I spent the next 30 years in an environment where transit operating experience was more important than advanced degrees.

    Enjoy your holidays and the time off between semesters.

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