Raleigh bound

Today I’m sitting on the couch. Drinking coffee and waiting for Julie to get back.

This morning she got on Craigslist and found an (and I quote) “an amazing antique writing desk!”

She then proceeded to call Tina and the two of them are making the 45 minute trek to retrieve said desk.

Now, before you get all, “Lee! Why didn’t you go with? They’ll need help loading it!!” I spent several minutes protesting but once again, Julie and her logic won out. My job? Clean and organize the spot in the bedroom that she has decided will be the desk’s new home.

I leave tomorrow morning at 4 am. I have a presentation and audit in Raleigh so instead of heading back to Texas, I’ll be on my way to North Carolina. I’ve discovered that my new found desire to conquer all contracts has made my boss more than willing to work with me and my weekend home schedule.

That and the fact that the Feds announced yesterday that they have approved funding for the “Illiana” toll project! (Cute little play on words. Illinois/Indiana. Lol) The last stage before the state of Illinois starts accepting bids for construction of the 40 mile, $1.6 billion project. That means I could be home, full time, in less than a year!!

Today? I’m just happy.

I’m home in my sweats, sipping coffee, watching home improvement shows waiting for my wife to get home.

And yes. I love being able to call Julie my wife!!!


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