Feeling a little selfish.

The semester is over and I’m 3 more classes closer to my goal!!

I have to admit; this time kicked my ass!! With the promotion, traveling for work, trekking home on weekends and just having to deal with life’s issues, I didn’t spend nearly as much time on school as I should have.

I allowed too many people to make too many demands on my time. This next semester will be different, though!

I made a somewhat public announcement that if people won’t make time to support me when I’m feeling crushed by my responsibilities then I refuse to make their problems a priority.

A perfect example is my friend, C. I flew a thousand miles to be there for my friend. Tried and tried to help her to find some sort of peace in all her tragedy. I’d answer the phone anytime that she called and made sure she knew she’d never have to face this scariness alone.

The other day I was feeling stressed. I was just promoted at work and a flood of new offers were coming in. After talking to Julie, I wanted an objective opinion so I sent her a text.

Her response? A very cold and rude phone conversation in which she told me I overthink things too much and I should just be grateful.

Part of me realized that was her own pain talking. But, in all fairness, her shittitude has been going on for almost two months now.

She’s blocked out all but one of her friends and even started to ignore her kids.

Tragedy does not give someone the right to abuse another.

Anyways, that night I decided I was done.

My kids, Julie, her family…that’s the people that will come first before work and school, from now on.

It may seem selfish but I’m entitled to that once in a while.


2 thoughts on “Feeling a little selfish.

  1. I think you’re going to have to let her go for awhile. She’s going through something that no one can help her with. She has to want to help herself. Focus on yourself and your family and if she comes around she comes around if not then move on. You’ve done your best.

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