We all have routines, don’t we?

Even those folks who insist they are so carefree that they simple wake up and go.

Here lately, work has been so hectic that my routines have actually become my refuge. The familiarity that comes from the mundane. The things we fall back on when life throws us a curve ball, if you will.

Sadly, just like every other area of my life, I even have two sets of rituals. One for my life in Beaumont and one for when I’m home.

In Beaumont, it consists of waking at 5, coffee, shower and work until 3. Then the 2 hour commute to class and back to the apartment around 11:30.

At home it’s actually just as hectic and rushed on day one, but it is so much more enjoyable.

I’m in Illinois almost every weekend. With all our points and my corporate discount, a trip home and back is only around $230 bucks every three weekends and then one weekend is free. Not too shabby!

I typically fly out of Beaumont on Friday after work and back in on Monday morning. Three nights a week with my girl at home is so much better than what we were dealing with!

When I get in on Fridays, it’s home for dinner. Usually we will go out with friends or even check out a new place, just the two of us. Then it’s home where Julie has already laid out the “honey do” list for the weekend.

After we catch up a little, I look at mail and make my own mental list of how to best tackle her chores, it’s to bed.

Let me just say…when we moved into our townhouse, we got a new bed. There was something about she and I sharing the same bed that she had shared with Milly. Petty? Probably. Silly? Yes. But, we both thought it was a good start.

I stand 5’7″ tall. Julie is 5’2″ tall. She’s a petite 102 and I’m still stocky but a slimmer and firmer 140. So a king bed like she had before wasn’t really necessary. And it would have been a complete waste of money because when I am home, the two of us still sleep wrapped up in each other. Hell, we coulda made it work with a twin bed!!!

Saturday’s are coffee and breakfast. Then shopping. We get the items that she’ll need during the week and whatever we will both want for the weekend. She used to deal with this by herself before I’d get home but when she confessed she likes shopping with me, I insisted she wait so I could be with her. I also feel like I’m more “present” when I participate in these things.

Then it’s tackling her list. Some days it’s a huge endeavor such as refinishing the deck. Other days it’s as simple as pulling out the Christmas decorations. (That’s on my list for this weekend, btw)

Sunday’s? Well, those are just for us. Sometimes we lay in bed until noon. Just talking, making love, laughing or streaming movies. Other times, we get up and spend the day out and about. Whatever we do, it’s never planned and is always meant to be relaxing and lazy. Just what a Sunday should be.

Then I fly out Monday around 4:30 am and it’s back to chaos; for both of us.

One good thing about having work and school is that my weeks go by so fast. Just this morning I woke up thinking that tomorrow I’ll be back home with my wife.

Routines are good. They give us that little piece of comfort when the world around us has gone completely crazy. I wouldn’t change mine for the world!


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