Old Macdonald?

One thing that Julie and I would do when I was home, was to drive around looking at rural places to live.

We were looking at different properties in a town that’s about 20 minutes from where we live now.

One such place had a small house that had caught fire a few years ago but also has a small pig barn and a hen house. The price was well below our budget because of the remote location.

We’ve decided that what we really want is to build a house. OUR house. We have similar tastes and similar ideas of what perfect is. Hell, we used to drive all over the country side in College Station looking at different houses trying to decide exactly what we liked.

Well, ever since we saw this little place, Julie has been sending me one article, photo or news clipping after another.

Different porch designs, different sitting room layouts. You name it, she had already decided that this was our place.

Of course, me being the realist, I reminded her. “Honey, when we are ready to buy, it may be sold.”

Each time I’d say that, I could hear the disappointment in her voice. That was something I just couldn’t have.

So…I put an offer on the place about three weeks ago. A week later, it was ours. They didn’t counter or argue. They even agreed to about 3/4 of the original asking price. (Found out it was about to be seized for back taxes if they didn’t hurry and sell!)

So, on my last trip home, I arranged for a contractor to come and remove the old house.

It was built in the 30’s but the fire caused so much damage that it would never have been able to be brought up to code. However, there was so much copper and steel in the construction, the contractor agreed to only charge me the cost of the roll off containers and fuel if he could salvage the metals. DEAL!!

As they were tearing down the house (mind you, I’m getting reports from Julie while I’m in Ft. Worth, Amarillo, etc) that her and the S.I.L were trying to get the chicken coop fixed up.

Eventually, the guys working on the house took pity on the girls and ended up basically rebuilding it.

Tonight, I get a text.

“We’ve got chickens!!”

Apparently, my girl has decided to try her hand at farming.

More power to her!


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