One more for the road.

Early I talked about our presentation. We were told that a decision wouldn’t be made until after thanksgiving so the results of our efforts will remain a mystery for now.

My opinion? We did pretty good! Two of the three panel members were females and the commented on how impressed they were that we not only have a woman (me) on our team but that I’m a task lead.

Everything else went well. We were articulate and confident. We put our best foot forward

Monday, we are off to San Angelo to do it all over again for a different contract.

On a more serious note. Remember my friend C? Well, I haven’t heard from her since last weekend. The “cryptic” text message that she sent telling me she was ok.

I haven’t contacted her since I texted Sunday to tell her I worry about her, but understand the need to get your heart and head together.

Again, I’m not sure what has prompted her shutting me out, but I will continue to pray for her and hope that she doesn’t give up on herself.


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