My honeymoon

I guess these few days together would be mine and Julie’s honeymoon.

We’ve snuck off to Indianapolis. Not the most glamorous place in the Midwest but somewhere that no one knows us!

Tonight we were at a local pub watching the Bulls/Celtics game when I got a text from C.

“I’m ok….I went to a very dark place this week and shut everyone out…I’m working my way through it a little at a time.”

I sat there. I knew she had her ups and downs but this one really scared me. I showed it to Julie and she said exactly what I was thinking. “If she is checking out for a week at a time…she’s not ok”

C has never had any counseling over this. She is trying to brave it the best way possible and it means she’s not being very realistic.

One day, about a month ago, she even broached the subject of dating again. I sat there in silence. After all, who am I to know if or when she’ll be ready to date again?

3 months seemed a bit soon to me but I just told her to take things at a pace that she was comfortable with.

Tonight she took her kids to dinner and a football game. I haven’t heard anything else from her but I hope she’s doing better.

I’m in a hotel suite with my new bride and I dare not broach the subject with C. I would feel guilty to bring up my happy day while she’s still struggling with her loss.

I sent her a text saying exactly what Julie and I were thinking. I haven’t heard back. I don’t know when I will but I’ve told her I’m here if she needs me. For now, that’s all I can do.

Tomorrow we drive back home, I need to go buy a new suite for my proposals and then I’ll fly back to Beaumont on Tuesday.

For now, I have everything I ever wanted in life. While I hurt for my friend, I can’t let her pain rob me of my joy.


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