It’s the little things.

Yesterday was the regular day that my lawn guy was supposed to come tend to my lawn.

At around 7:30 pm, I texted him to ask if he was going to take care of it, since he hadn’t shown up yet.

Well, he texted back to inform me that he had broken his hip in a car wreck and wouldn’t be able to get to it for a while.

I expressed my sympathies and told him not to worry. I have a mower so I can handle it.

In the fall, I would use the mower to mulch and bag the leaves. So much easier than raking.

Then school and work exploded. I called my landlord to see if he could recommend someone and he gave me Otto’s number.

He is quick, efficient and cheap. I leave his money on the back porch and he makes sure all is done right.

It’s a wonderful relationship. One that I’m starting to miss.


Because I can’t get my motherfucking mower to start!!

New spark plug, new oil, new filter, even drained the old gas and put in fresh.

I pull and pull. It chugs but won’t start. Nothing!

Now I’m in a pickle. Go but a new mower (which I refuse to do because I’ve got tuition due next week!) or hope and pray that I can eventually get it started. Whatever I do.. It’s got to be done soon. The grass is about to overtake us all!!


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