This may be the day.

Today just might be the day I quit. Throw my hands up in the air, say fuck it, call up the firm in Illinois and just go!

Why? Because the University called to tell me that one of my classes has been cancelled due to low enrollment. They then told me I’d be enrolled in a different class. Last night I discovered that the $940 tuition that I paid for my classes has disappeared!!

Just up and fucking disappeared!!

AND… To really make matters worse.. The fucking twit didn’t bother to enroll me it that fucking class!!!

I’m flustered. I’m pissed. I’m sick and fucking tired of pushing myself and finding roadblocks of incompetence in my way.

Hell, I even asked Julie tonight, “how often does a fuck up like this happen at your school??”

“More often than you’d think!” Was her reply!!

Now, this wouldn’t be such a drama fest except….. Class starts Monday morning!!!

No classes registered, money gone and no one wanting to take responsibility for any of it!!

So… I can go to the school this morning and sit and wait (no appointments. First come first serve basis) to talk to a registrar or I can just say fuck it!! I’m done!!

Right now I’m not sure what I’ll do but hopefully a decent amount of sleep will fix things.

Update: sorry for the harsh language. Some days the work “fuck” is the only word I can seem to use to adequately describe my mood!


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